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Crane Scales

Crane Scales & Load Links

Crane scales, otherwise known as suspended scales, Loadlinks or overhead weighing scales.

The weighing device is shackled to an existing overhead lifting device such as a crane in order to raise an item during the weighing process and the load is attached by the use of chains or lifting straps to the safety hook or shackle on the crane scale.

In general the crane scale weight display is either bright LED or backlit liquid crystal and can usually be seen at some distance and some have the option to hold the peak weight on the display or change the weighing units from Kg to Tonnes, KgForce, Newtons and Pounds.

There may be a safety requirement to be far away from a suspended item or a need to electronically capture or print weight details so there are models that can wirelessly transmit weight data to a hand held or desk mounted display, printer or pc.

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