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Calibration Weights

Calibration Weights / Test Weights

Calibration weights are used for checking and calibrating weighing equipment
Test weights can be used for proof load or quality tests when a known mass is required
There are many accuracy classes for calibration weights depending on the scales or balances that you want to test or calibrate

The main accuracy classes for weights are as follows:

M1 calibration weights are the standard weights for testing and calibrating standard scales
F1 calibration weights are used for testing and calibrating precision electronic balances
E2 calibration weights are used for testing and calibrating analytical balances
Proof Test / Proof Load test weights are for proof-load testing of lifting equipment etc

Weights are also used for quality tests, force tests for levers any many other applications

If a Calibration Certificate is required, please order at the point of purchase. Calibration Certificates can be found towards the bottom of each weights page under the Product Options section

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