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Industrial scales, electronic balances, calibration weights and moisture analysers - order online, telephone 01842 751633 or email for advice, a quotation or to place an order

Did you know that if you are doing any of the following then you will need a trade approved (verified for trade use) weighing scale or balance?

* Buying or selling by weight
* Packing to average weight
* Paying a bonus to staff dependant on weight packed/processed etc
* Any weighing for medical diagnostics or treatment purposes.

Please note that the following information can be complicated so please feel free to call us for advice if you think you need trade approved scales or alternatively you can speak to your local Trading Standards office.
The packers guide - if you pack to average weight
Guide for packers and importers
of e-marked prepacked products
The actual regulations for packed goods
The Weights and Measures (Packaged Goods)
Regulations 2006
A guide for weighing equipment used for trade purposes
Guidance on Non-Automatic Weighing
Instruments Regulations
Weighing for medical diagnostics or treatment purposes
UK weighing Federation guidance on medical weighing
Click here to go to Weights and Measures regulation and guidance on the government's site
All of our Retail scales are verified for selling by weight
All of our Jewellery balances are verified for buying or selling by weight
Many of our Industrial scales can be verified for trade use - please give us a call for advice
Many of our Electronic balances can be verified for trade use - please give us a call for advice
Updated: 30/08/18
Author: scalesandbalances